Meet Jack – our trusted General Manager
Jack shares a striking resemblance to Eddie Izzard and is only slight less camp. It’s obvious to many of our customers that love him that he truly is a rare ‘people person’ – although you may call that into question when you learn his background was in performing arts! Jack’s story is about a young, local lad done good (or as he – jokes? – sold his soul to the devil). His foray into the hospitality world started in the pubs, clubs and bars of Banbury.

He joined our wider business, working in the kitchen, peeling spuds and sweeping floors (and thus probably questioning why he’d left the bright lights of Banbury), before moving into a pop up we ran at a local, well known retail village. After working his way up to managing said pod, he decided he was more akin to village life of another kind – more YMCA than DKNY and, the rest is history.

His favourite analogy? Jimmy Carr once asked someone in his audience what they did for a living. When one answered “an actress”, Jimmy replied “there’s one thing I always say to aspiring actresses… I’ll have a tall skinny latte please”. Now, now Jack – we don’t like a bitter coffee!

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