Salt aged beef

We are the only restaurant in UK to have our own salt ageing chamber. Furthermore, there are only a small handful of restaurants globally and two butchers in Europe who have taken the plunge.  What that means is that our beef is pretty bloomin’ special (and, as a result, our bank balance not so much…).

We’ll spare you the science lesson but essentially when we discovered Himalayan salt deposits there was a reason it was dubbed “white gold” or “King salt”.  Himalayan salt is the dog’s doodahs – it has the world’s highest elemental content and outstanding purifying qualities. We source the best British meat to complement its chilly temporary home and place it in the chamber at 1.8 degrees and 70% humidity. A combo’ of the cold moving air and the Himalayan salt wall draws moisture from the meat, slowly intensifying it to give it a very dense, powerhouse flavour! This means we’re not knocking out any old steaks, but something simply stunning…

Have a look at our dry aged steaks available on the menu here.


The rest of our larder

There are other areas where we go the extra mile and feel a bit of love and graft really makes a difference:

  • Home-cured English prosciutto and cheeses
  • Pickles, chutneys, preserves, infused oils and syrups
  • Foraged and wild, seasonal foods like berries, nuts, horseradish, wild garlic and samphire
  • Home-grown garden salads, fruits, herbs and vegetables
  • Chef made pasta, flatbreads and bread starters
  • Home-made ricotta
  • Uber free range (very spoilt chooks) hen’s and duck eggs


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